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Hemp Deodorant Benefits

Hemp Deodorant Benefits

Hemp deodorants may be bringing the concept of “all-natural” to new heights. 

Everyone loves an effective deodorant. After all, they’re what get us through our nervous sweats and half marathons. Or, wine aerobics if that’s your thing. However, with the dawn of the internet and social media, these everyday sweat sticks are quickly being exposed as disruptive and even harmful. More on that below. 

benefits of hemp deodorant

As a result, we’re slowly turning our attention to powerful, plant-based skin care products. We frequently refer to them as all-natural since, well, they're sourced in nature rather than manmade chemicals. Among these ingredients is hemp. Hemp is one of the most powerful plants being used within the all-natural industry. So, what are hemp deodorant benefits? We’re providing some findings in this article. 

Why not Buy Conventional Deodorants?

By now, you may know of the harmful chemicals, like aluminum, that conventional deodorants contain. We’ll let you in on the secret: aside from clogging your sweat glands, these chemicals also disable your body from expelling odor-causing bacteriaan otherwise natural process. Effectively, they may be the reason for your manic sweat episodes and stench. Put simply… without sweating, your body can’t effectively rid itself of wastes and odor-causing bacteria.

Further, conventional deodorants also contain parabens. These harmful preservatives present in some conventional deodorants and antiperspirants mimic the activity of estrogen. Most concerning, parabensregularly used as a shelf-life enhancerare proven to seep through our skin and enter our body systemically. The resulting issues are extensive and still being closely examined. So, why not err on the side of caution? Utilize something that is natural and works with your body.

hemp deodorant benefits

How Hemp Deodorants Work

Enter the nature’s miracle hemp plant. Hemp-based deodorants utilize slow-extracted hemp oil, which carry remedial components shown to integrate with specific bodily functions. In fact, many nature enthusiasts are continually researching the applications of hemp, not just with deodorant but other products like lotions, soaps, hair, and other skin care lines. 

In reference to deodorant, though, hemp has shown signs of battling odor-causing bacteria in a healthy manner. For one, hemp deodorants promote the pH balance in your body. 

As a biology refresher (you’re in good company if you skipped that biology seminar), your pH balance is essentially the levels of acid and bases present in your body at all times. If you’re a yoga enthusiast, you know anything in balance is likely good. And, in erring on the side of caution, hemp can help restore your pH balance so that the good bacteria can fight off the bad. Again, don’t discredit bacteria as a whole. After all, you need some of it to survive! In turn, your hygiene is restored to its usual boss-level self. 

Benefits of Hemp Deodorants

We like lists, so we’re going to give you a list of reasons that hemp deodorants are beneficial. 

  • Hemp deodorant is petroleum-free and contains no chemicals. Raise your arms for all-natural!
  • While commercial deodorants aim to keep you dry and smelling nice, hemp deodorants allow you to sweat but not stink. Hemp deodorants may help the pH balance in your body so your armpits and other sweat points are bacteria-free and smell pleasant.
  • Hemp deodorants minimize unpleasant body odor and enhance your body’s natural scent. Natural you, after all, is beautiful!
  • Hemp deodorants don’t clog sweat glands. This may pay off in the long term as clogged sweat glands have long-term consequences for your health.
  • If you shave underarm areas, hemp deodorants are far less likely to cause skin abrasion when applied. They are gentle and skin-loving.

Why have Hemp Deodorants not Caught on?

Thanks to clever advertising and flashy packaging, conventional deodorants have continued to dominate the market in spite of concerns about some of their ingredients. Hemp deodorants are not attention-getting. It's also likely critics associate hemp with cannabinoids and THC, although the plant itself contains neither. 

In the spirit of transparency, there are some who are apprehensive about the long-term use of hemp deodorants. For example:

  • Some users don’t like their consistency. After all, conventional deodorants have been the norm for decades. 
  • Others say they cost too much or don’t last very long. Conventional deodorants claim twenty-four-hour protection. Likely because they use industrial strength chemicals. Gentler hemp deodorants that don’t use harsh chemicals and don’t stop sweating seem weak in comparison. It is recommended that you reapply hemp deodorants every six to eight hours.
  • Many won’t use them because they don’t keep you from sweating.

Good Goo Hemp Deodorants 

Good Goo hemp deodorants are a good option. They are made from all-natural ingredients. They contain no aluminum or baking soda. Utilizing plant-based only, Good Good deodorants eliminate the petrochemicals found in the synthetic version of propylene glycol. There are no artificial fragrances. Good Goo scents are natural calendula, lavender, and chamomile flowers. Good Goo hemp deodorant’s freshness comes from arrowroot. At this rate, they might as well grow roots, too. They’re that natural. 

natural deodorant benefits

  1. Good Goo Lavender Hemp Deodorant

Good Goo lavender hemp deodorant will keep you feeling fresh without using harsh ingredients like aluminum and baking soda. This natural deodorant comes in a water-based, baking soda-free deodorant gel. It contains vegetable-based propylene glycol, glyceryl laurate, and sodium stearate. It also adds the juice of the aloe leaf, calendula flower, sunflower seed oil, lemongrass oil, lavender oil, and ascorbic acid. 

  1. Good Good Hemp Deodorant Unscented Options

If you have scent aversions, Good Goo All Natural Unscented hemp deodorant is available in stick form and is a milder version of our scented line. It contains no aluminum or baking soda. When you apply a swipe or two it's gentle non-irritant formula supports healthy bacteria and lasts six to eight hours.

switching to all natural deodorants

Good Goo All Natural Unscented hemp deodorant contains magnesium hydroxide, calendula flower extract, sesame seed oil, and arrowroot to keep you feeling and smelling fresh. This deodorant is gentle on your skin. 

Good Goo All Natural Unscented hemp deodorant does not contain petroleum, aluminum, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, baking soda or mineral oil.

Good Goo Hemp deodorants are designed for practical and active use. Curious to know more? Try out our products and see for yourself. As a note, if you’re switching from conventional deodorants it’s often recommended to prep your underarms for the transition. For some, this may require a brief detox period where your body can readjust to performing naturally. 
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