Batch Look-Up

Thank you for your Good Goo purchase. Please locate the 6 or 7 digit batch code on your packaging and enter it below. That will take you to the Certificate of Analysis (COA) for the batch of hemp we used to make your Good Goo product.

COA Number

The number listed on the COA document as well as the physical Hemp oil
110818 022019

Associated batches

comma separated list. Items can be individual batch #s or two #s separated by a "-" for a range
100821-022622,031322,031522,031922,031922,032122,032222,1818001,1916220,1913130,1915130,1919130,2919130,1911230,1912230 032522,032622,032722,032822,040422,040922,041022,041722,041722,041822,041822,041922,042422,042622,043022,050222,050922,051422,051622,052322,052822,053022,053122,062522,1915230,1916230,1917230,1918230,1914040,1919040,1910140,1917140,2917140,1918140,2918140,1919140,1914240,1916240,1910340,1912050,1919050,1914150,1916150,1913250,1918250,1910350,1911350,1915260

COA Image

An image to display for the associated COA
COA#110818 COA#022019

Batch EXP Date

The expiration date for this batch of oil
11/08/2019 02/20/2020
Batch Size 5 Gallons 10 Gallons
Ingredient Name MCT oil MCT oil
Ingredient Manufacturer Now Foods Now Foods
Ingredient Lot Number 110818ONDA 022019ONDA50